Vision Insurance: How to Use Your VSP Vision Plan Benefits

When your eyes are healthy and cared for, you see the difference in your overall health. Healthy vision can significantly improve your performance at school, work, in sports and virtually every aspect of your life. Of course, vision care is best when it costs less. That’s why having vision insurance — and using the vision plan benefits it offers — is an effective way to maintain healthy eyes.

If you’re new to vision insurance or are looking to enroll in a vision plan, you may be wondering how to start using your eye care benefits. We’ve outlined four steps you and your family can take to maximize all your vision insurance benefits:

Step 1 to Maximize Your Vision Plan Benefits: Find a VSP Network Doctor

Once enrolled, you’ll be able to start using your VSP benefits the same day of enrollment. The first step to start using them is to find a VSP network doctor. Visit our online doctor search site to find an eye care professional close to you. We have the largest network of independent doctors, so you’re sure to find one near your work or home.

Step 2 to Maximize Your Vision Plan Benefits: Complete Your Eye Exam

Once you’ve found an eye doctor, reach out to schedule an appointment. The rest is easy! With a VSP Individual Vision Plan, a comprehensive eye exam may be covered by your vision plan's copay

Step 3: Use Your Eye Insurance Benefits to Purchase Vision Care Items

During your eye exam, your doctor will check to see if you need an eye prescription for corrective lenses or if you need to update a current prescription. One of the major benefits of eye insurance is the money you save on new lenses and frames. Depending on the plan you choose, you have a dollar allowance to use toward the frames or contacts.

For prescription lenses (single, bifocal or trifocal), you only pay your vision plan's copay. You can also save money on optional lens enhancements like impact resistance, anti-glare and light-to-dark tinting. Make sure to take advantage of these benefits when you meet with your doctor.

Step 4 to Maximize Your Vision Plan Benefits: Get an Eye Exam Annually

Even if you think your eyes are healthy, it’s important to visit an eye doctor regularly if you want to maintain good eye health. Optometrists say that regular eye exams can help detect early signs of serious eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts, in addition to other health issues, like diabetes and high blood pressure, that affect the whole body. To maximize your vision benefits, make sure to visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam each year.

If you haven’t yet enrolled in a VSP Vision Plan, take a few minutes to compare plans to find the right vision insurance for you. VSP Vision Plans can start as low as $13 a month and could end up saving you hundreds annually.


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