Dress Up Your Peepers This Halloween

Like everything in 2020, this year’s Halloween is sure to be a little different. Between social distancing and cancelled events, it’s enough to make you scream. Not so fast! Whether you’re trick-or-treating six feet away, attending meetings on a conference call, or wearing a mask at the grocery store, you can still get into the Halloween spirit this year by dressing up your eyes. 

Frightening Frames

Spice up your video calls this week by sporting some flashy Halloween-themed costume glasses. Coordinate them with the rest of your costume or stay in your sweatpants and let the frames be the entire costume. Dressing up your eyes with Halloween frames is an inexpensive and quick way to get into the spooky spirit. 

Hair-raising Lashes

Another quick and inexpensive way to dress up while you’re masking up is to try out some Halloween eyelashes. A few dabs of glue and a steady hand can make sure you don’t show up with party-pooper peepers. 

While fake eyelashes can be found in most drug stores, you want to be sure to test the glue to make sure you’re not allergic to it. Always follow the safety instructions so you don’t inadvertently cause real damage to your eyes. 

Electrifying Eye Makeup

Bring some drama back into your socially-distanced festivities by highlighting your eyes with eye-popping eye makeup. Not a makeup artist? Don’t worry. With thousands of tutorials on YouTube, you’re sure to find the right look for you and your family this Halloween. 

Creepy Contacts

Many people think of scary contact lenses when they think of dressing up their eyes for Halloween. And while color contacts are sure to make an impression from behind any mask, they are still considered a medical device and need to be prescribed by your eye doctor. Your eye doctor can make sure the color contact lenses fit your eyes properly and can educate you on the best way to handle and use them safely. VSP Individual Vision plans can help you cover the cost of your eye exam for as little as $13 a month

And once you consult your eye doctor, you can flaunt the windows to your soul this Halloween with an outrageous pair of color contact lenses. With a variety of hues to choose from, you can turn those baby blues into devilish red. Or transform your human peepers into animal eyes. You can even get some with vision correction! 

Keep Spirits Alive

While All Hallows Eve will certainly be different this year, highlighting your eyes with makeup, lenses or lashes will help keep spirits up and traditions alive. 

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