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The Vision Blog

The Vision Blog provides you with valuable articles about family and individual vision insurance, tips for maintaining good eye health as well as the latest trends in eye care. Visit the Vision Blog often to stay informed about your eye health and vision insurance options.

Protect Your Smile — Six Reasons to Add Dental Insurance

Did you know your teeth are the only visible bones in your body? And yet, when it comes to caring for bones, we tend to worry more about the inside ...

Got Cavities? It’s Time to Know Your Treatment Options

Know Your Cavity Dental Treatment Options Ouch! Got a sore tooth? It could be a cavity. And of course, you want to take care of your dental health,...

Show Your Smile Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Show Your Smile Some Love  Valentine’s Day is all about love. At VSP, we know that means love for yourself and all your body’s par...

Reasons Seniors Should Take Their Dental Coverage Seriously

The Importance of Dental Insurance Coverage Too often we think of dental care as nothing more than a cosmetic concern. The truth is that taking car...

Dental Insurance Can Help You Save Money

Dental insurance can help you save An article about dental insurance on a vision blog? Yeah, we’re completely aware of how strange that sound...